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Join us and become part of something bigger
then yourself. We'll be adding battle plans and strategies in the link below. Sparta Reborn is
gearing up for season 3 and building a team.
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Different Nights / Different Games, check out the new games we'll talk about within our pages. You might find you next addiction...

Star Citizen
3.0 Alpha
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... explore the new features within the website as they become available! Creating your own clan/ challenging another clan within the community or exploring new games with community members, we have something for everyone ...

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Welcome to Sparta Reborn. We are a gaming community, not a clan or one entity, but a community of players that have come together to enjoy many games played in multiple formats. So, please browse through the website and see all the games and different clans/ teams setup here to compete with each other. Please remember though, that while we are all Spartans, we are friends first and foremost. This is the only thing we hope you honor – “respect is not earned unless it’s given first” …

In the menu above is a link to our TeamSpeak page outlining exactly how to become part of the online  community. By following the instructions you should be talking to us in no time. Hopefully becoming part of something more than just a place to hang out, but a community of friends enjoying what the Internet has to provide!


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