Hot Spot – South Strategy

Welcome to the war room! This is our strategy for the map “Hot Spot” 2018′. This first series of images will give you basic strategies for capturing and defending caps till the enemy is weakened enough to push and destroy! This is basic and only guidelines, as set down by Morgan and Bartholomew… but all things change on the battlefield of war and soldiers must adapt and overcome… So view these as starting orders and learn them well.

Defensive Formation Alpha – South Starting Position

DD’s mission is simple in the beginning. Capture caps to begin points advantage. If challenged back off and wait for cruiser support. We gain no advantage by you dying in the first few minutes of the game. Once caps have been captured smoke in cruiser if possible to help defend cap.

Here are the basic patrol area’s for dd’s and they’re subject to change but this gives you a starting point. Closest dd spots both front and rear side of moving fleet providing smoke and support as needed. Furthest dd after capping should retreat and set up for flanking other fleet or coming to assist main fleet with smoke, spotting and gun support.

Cruiser positions are temporary based on other fleet movements but these positions should give you positive control over the area’s being defended. Most importantly remember nose in, never show broadside and shoot HE to start as many fires as possible. A burning ship is a retreating ship!

Battleship will join rear cruiser and start thinning the heard. Cruiser are you main target, not dd’s. You are the only one shot ship in the war and you shots need to be spent on cruisers. You can fall back behind islands if getting flank with no support. Join furthest cruiser in defending that cap if need be.

Each slide is self explanatory and gives you and idea of you responsibility based on what ship you in and where you start in the game. By memorizing your responsibility we can lessen chatter and focus on killing the enemy. Please remember that the shot caller is the ultimate authority while in game and his commands are final, ADAPT AND OVERCOME!!!

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