Basic Maneuvering

Basics of Maneuvering

Getting around in world of warships is a daunting task when you take into consideration all the different aspects of the game. There are many video examples that show you how to achieve success but they’re really only a few things you need to know…

Characteristics of the ship you’re driving play the biggest part. These are different on all ships, even ships of the same class. One thing that is the same are the basic terms used in describing a ship –

  • Bow – Front of the ship.
  • Stern – Tale of the ships.
  • Port Side – Left side of the ship as if you were sitting in it.
  • Starboard Side – Right side of the ship as if you were sitting in it.
  • Rudder – What you steer the ships with.

The things that are different are size, speed, guns and their placement. These change from ship to ship and class to class. Our best recommendation is to learn and research each ship of interest. To do that here is a link to Warships main wiki, this gives you in-game specs on all ships. Please look through our friends YouTube channel as well. He has handling videos and shows how to play certain ships. You can see how the ship your interested in handles and what its capable of.


With those out of the way hopefully when you hear a salty dog spout off terminology you’ll know what he’s talking about in game. So now onto the main elements of maneuvering…

Speed – is primary because it plays a factor in how quick the ship maneuvers, stops, turns and even accelerates.

    1. Maneuvering –  in relation to speed slows the ship and makes it sluggish. This makes turns wider and makes it easier for you to be hit the faster you’re going. Solution: You can cut speed to ¼ or stop, then throw rudder over and bring speed back up. This will shorten your turn radius and make it harder for you to be hit. Great for evading! There are captain skills that enhance the rudder shift and make you ship maneuver better.
    2. Stopping – in relation to speed is a great way to initiate maneuvers. In-game mechanics make it necessary to use your stopping and starting ability to evade incoming shells and force your ship to disappear. There a captain skills that enhance a ships rate of acceleration also.

Now for the most important maneuvering aspect, angling. When you hear this term in game it’s referring to the the angle of your ship compared to the other ship. There are various places and mods in game that will allow you to see both your ship and the ship you’re targeting. This is important to understand due to the fact that warships were designed, in real life and in game, to have better armor in the front and sides. In game when you’re heading into a contact and shooting your armor rating is higher. In the image, at right, you can see that the more you angle or point an enemy the less damage you take. The amount of hits that do damage become less because some are either deflected or bounced. You can see in the image specific points of interest.

This is also most evident when you go broadside to any ship and all of a sudden lose half your life because you’ve taken a direct hit to a citadel! Shells coming in at no angle have a better chance at penetrating and causing more damage. So, angle angle angle!

Remember that other players in our clan are more than willing to help you learn these aspects and become a tamer of the sea… till then happy sailing mates.

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