World of Warships – MMO Multi-Perspective Shooter Game

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World of Warships is a free-to-play naval action-themed MMO game. It features aspects similar to World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, having several classes of warships fulfilling different roles within teamed based player versus player random battles. Along with team based random battles they’ve just introduced Clan Wars which allows individuals in game to join forces with others and create a clan. That clan in turn can earn special benefits that the entire clan enjoys. Such as, discounts on ship mods, advancing up the tech tree and purchasing higher level ships.

“We give you the ability to take in game clans and create your own home page within the website. Create your own logo and rules! You can freely communicate within your own clan as well as all other members within the community. You can even challenge clans within the website to in-game matches. Enjoy contests setup by the website for clans and individuals and win prizes!”

World of Warships is our first large in-game presence. We have started a clan called “Heros of Sparta” and watched it grow to 24 members in a very  short period of time. Soon we’ll be adding another clan already dubbed “The Black Sea Fleet” as per our second founder. From there we’re expecting members to either shoot off and start their own clans or create teams via the website within those clans. This will give our community a base of teams and allow us to start adding contests. These contest will rely on donations from the community to provide prizes thus giv3en back to the community. In the meantime we’ll start with –

  • Training Room – Individual Ship Training
  • Training Room – Shooting Practice
  • Training Room – Team Training
  • Training Room – Clan Battles Training

With all these training room scenarios we’ll also find time to hand out some special in-game gifts from those donations mentioned above. We love to thank all those who participate and for the winners of matches, battles and training sessions we try to show our appreciation. Of, course they receive special recognition on the website as well! Hope to see all our mates on the high seas… So, batten down the hatches and make ready to get underway!

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