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Total War is a computer series of strategy games developed by The Creative Assembly. These combine turn-based strategy and resource management, with real-time tactical control of battles. The first of the series, Shogun: Total War was released in June 2000. The most recent major game released was Total War: Warhammer II on 28 September 2017. The series from creative assembly is listed below and we recommend you go to their website to get greater details.

  • Shogun: Total War
  • Medievil: Total War
  • Rome: Total War
  • Medievil II: Total War
  • Empire: Total War
  • Napoleon: Total War
  • Total War: Shogun II
  • Total War: Rome II
  • Total War: Attila
  • Total War: Warhammer
  • Total War: Warhammer II

As you can see from the list above this is not a game going away anytime soon. It’s very popular and will continue to be staple for it particular type of play. If interested in playing against community members or teaming up, please feel free to communicate with others and enjoy the game!

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